Growth Anklet II : The Lab

There's always a bigger fish...

Latonya's growth didn't stop, and she ended up outgrowing the apartment. By making a scene while falling out of the building, a mysterious Helicopter comes and picks her up to a Laboratory. Turns out, the helicopter is part of GIGACORP, the company behind that glowing anklet that made Latonya grow in the first place.  GIGACORP is a company that selects certain individuals from society with the help of the US GOV to make soldiers. Soldiers so big and strong that the final army will be one composed of titanesses. Latonya (Subject 354) wakes up in the laboratory, next to two other huge women, Martha (Subject 669) & Sarah (Subject 512). A series of events takes place in the Lab before a much bigger and much more mysterious giantess joins  the party... and things get very complicated.


  • 106 pages of full HD resolution PDF


  • Lots of growth
  • Lots of expansion
  • Belly growth
  • Vore
  • Crush
  • X-Rays
  • Different shapes and sizes

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