You thought it ended, but it was just starting...

Chapter 3 was the ending... for both Rachel and Hannah, but it was the ending in on earth, the world we know and live in... Chapter IV will continue based on Rachel's Ending on Earth.  After her massive growth spurt, Rachel found herself swimming in space until she came across a black hole that led her to a completely different universe, a universe that tiny little creatures such as normal sized humans never knew of. Hannah and Alan didn't die after they got swallowed by Rachel, they managed to hold on to the inner walls and not fall inside the acid pool of her stomach... And that's where their new Journey begins.

This zip contains :

  • 167 Full HD pages
  • 12 HD GIFS
  • 4 VR Panoramas available in JPG & SWF format

Things featured in the comic :

  • Lots of growth
  • Lots of Breast/Butt Expansion
  • Crushing/Dirty feet & soles
  • Vore
  • Evil giantess action
  • Parallel growth
  • Explicit stuff
  • A story-line to catch up on!

Instructions to get The Bonus :

As a Halloween gift for you, by purchasing this comic, you'll also get "Growth Anklet I" for free, you'll receive an email immediately after your purchase with a "DeviantArt stash" link to view the comic and download the files.

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