The Babysitter

The Balance Must Be Kept...

"Tatiana", a 46 year old lady, was struggling to pay the bills. So she decided to work as a babysitter. One day, a woman by the name of "Beth" decided to drop her son "Zach" at Tatiana's, only that "Zach" was not a child, he was a childish 18 year old. "Tatiana" is a pagan, she did so many practices and learned so many spells, but the one she learned recently was going to change her life forever, so she decided to test it out on her client's son "Zach" while he stayed with her. The results were irreversible. Find out what happens to "Tatiana", "Zach", and "Beth" through 195 pages of storytelling.. Remember, the balance must be kept.

Content :

  • 195 Full HD Pages
  • 15 GIFs
  • 10 VR Panoramas (JPG & SWF)

Things Featured :

  • Growth
  • Shrinking
  • Vore
  • Expansion
  • Storytelling
  • Explicit stuff... shhhh

Rendering and Storytelling by : Pink


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