Attack Of The 3k ft. Lady 

It was a deadly Christmas..

-o- Plot -o- Judy Somers, after skyrocketing to up to 3000 feet in the last chapter, came back now around Christmas. She's bigger and heavier than ever. During this Christmas, she turns the holidays to hell by abusing her power and cruelty on the citizens of one of the biggest cities in the U.S. Judy goes out of control and gets gradually greedier, bigger, stronger, hungrier and 'more & more' obsessed with reaching the ultimate size. She ends up reaching a size and shape she never thought she could achieve. 

-o- Contained files -o-

- 100 Full HD pages.

- 10 HD GIFs.

- 10 VR Panoramas (JPG & SWF format)

-o- Things featured -o-

- A lot of growth

- Breast/Butt/Belly expansion

- Vore and Digestion

- Foot Crushing and Stomping 

- Lots of Explicit stuff   

- Insane visuals! 


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