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(!!!!!! SPOILERS !!!!!!) (!!!!!! SPOILERS !!!!!!) (!!!!!! SPOILERS !!!!!!) Synopsis :  After the kidnapping incident that took place in the beach, Matt wakes up in a house, only to meet his kidnapper, Shiloh. Shiloh starts playing with Matt in very lusty ways, to her own advantage : Growing. Lucy goes on a journey to search for her missing boyfriend, but ends up having to do some dirty work for the boss of the kidnapper, Mr. Yang. Very screwed up things happen that change Lucy in irreversible ways..

This comic contains 172 pages.

This comic features many aspects of Macrophilia :

Growth (Slow & Rapid), Expansion (Multiple body parts), Vore, Lactation, Trampling and Stomping, Foot Fetishism.

New characters appear and the story-line becomes more suspenseful and interesting.

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