A Second Chance


After living as giantesses for the last few months, Rachel, Hannah, and their new friends, Kara and Gianni decided to try living a normal life as amazonian goddesses on a new version of earth. Rachel and Hannah have stopped their sisterly quarrels and decided to share Alan. What a lucky guy. And Kara and Gianni's relationship is in trouble. After being married for hundreds of thousands of years on their home planet, Gianni decided to start a totally new life with a dominatrix with a mysterious past named Tatiana, causing Kara to go mad with jealousy. Everything seems peaceful in their beautiful mansion, but will this peace last?


166 FULL HD pages

Things featured

Growth - Expansion - Foot fetish - BDSM - Shrinking- Explicit content - and much more!!

Art by : GTSX3D

Story by : LGiese & GTSX3D

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USD 7.99

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