She gets bigger by the minute...

Comic : Quarantine: Weight Gain

  • Plot : Carmela & Dylan are stuck indoors, after the government announced a full lockdown. Luckily, Dylan bought so much food prior to this. But the thing is, Carmela is coping unhealthily with her stress by stuffing her face with every single calorie in the fridge, obliging Dylan to go out and buy even more food. Carmela starts to gain weight and contemplates starting an online career to earn even more money. But little by little, things start to get out of control, and Dylan starts to regret supporting his wife's weight gain journey in the first place.

  • Price : $5.00

  • Release date : May 4th. On Deviant-Art & E-junkie.

  • Number of pages : 75

  • Additional info : This comic primarily focuses on weight gain & slow giantess growth, with other things involved of course. And it'll be available in PDF format.

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USD 5.00

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