Stepmom and Her Shrunken Kids

Will her kids survive?

  • Plot : Nora was suffering from a "rats" problem in the house, so she discussed solutions with her husband Rick and decided to go for a very efficient but very dangerous product if used incorrectly. The main goal of this product is to shrink the consumer up to 100 times, to the point where they become completely weak and defenseless. So, she decides to lace the mugs on the shelf with it because that's where the rats usually are. Unfortunately, her kids (Dennis & Monica) decide to have a drink in the middle of the night without listening to their stepmom's warning, and they end up shrinking to such small insect-sized tinies. The next day, they make it their mission to survive their mom & dad's unawareness, but things get very difficult for them.

  • Price : $6.99

  • Release date : May 14th (Tonight). On Deviant-Art & E-junkie.

  • Number of pages : 115

  • Additional info : This comic primarily focuses on the aspect of an unaware giantess, slow growth, weight gain, shrinking, lots of cool GTS action shots & elaboration on how hard life is for a tiny to live around their giant mom!

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