Hathor's unstoppable hunger...

  • Plot : Hayat loved her goddess so much. She was so obsessed with her curves and beautiful womanly figure. Hayat knew that her and everyone else's goddess "Hathor", had such a big appetite, which explained how big she is compared to everyone else. After being elected as the number one guard of Hathor, she starts manipulating her into eating more and more food offered by the people (Hathor's slaves). Little did she know, that what she was doing was going to give life to such a monstrous, gigantic, greedy and merciless version of Their goddess.

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  • Number of pages : 85 (+ Cover + Social Media Links)

  • Additional info : This comic primarily focuses on the aspect of weight gain/growth, dominance, and the psychological effects of becoming a greedier, hungrier slave for gluttony.


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